As a French manufacturer founded over a century ago, we have a reputation for providing quality and performance via our ranges of sealing braided packings and rings, in particular the FILCOAT® process.



Our research for the development of fibres and lubricants allows us to offer a range that includes about fifty different grades of braided packings.

Made up of over 70 types of impregnation and 120 different kinds of yarns (aramid, PTFE, graphite, carbon, etc.), the sealing packings are intended for use in the stuffing box of:

• Rotary units: pumps, agitators, stirrers, mixers, feeder screws, etc.
• Reciprocating units: piston pumps, homogenisers, etc.

FILCOAT® process, patented by LATTY

Braided  packings are made of one or several yarn grades and a series of impregnations.

Braided packings are made of one or several yarn grades and a series of impregnations. These operations are essential steps in the quality packing manufacturing process.

The first impregnation is performed throughout the yarn using our exclusive FILCOAT® process. The second impregnation is performed during the braiding operation itself. A final impregnation may be applied to packings intended for use with fast moving equipment.

The impregnation of the braided packings enables us to obtain or improve specific characteristics such as:

  • Chemical resistance
  • Thermal conductivity
  • Stability under pressure
  • Lubrication (especially during transitional conditions)
  • Protection against corrosion

Then these fibres are again impregnated during the braiding operation with a mix specific to the use of the packing. These processes significantly reduce frictions and improve the lifespan of the equipment (pumps, valves, etc.).

Compressed or preformed rings and packings

Compressed rings and braided packings or preformed rings offer the following advantages:

• Optimisation of the number of rings
• A reduction up to 30% of the friction, as a result of the presence of an agent that has been specifically developed by LATTY
• Reduced maintenance costs
• Quick implementation and replacement of the stuffing box, time-saving for maintenance teams and reduced production downtime
• Extension of the lifetime of your equipment

The experience and perfect command of the manufacturing process or our sealing packings allows us to offer an optimised stuffing box. All the steps in the manufacture of our packings enable them to keep their appropriate density for your applications during the first tightening operations.

This guarantees sustainability of the sealing solutions on your installations.

Some examples of our products ...