A national and international network of gasket makers

GROUPE LATTY relies on a dense and competent network of professionals for the distribution and the cutting of gaskets. In France and abroad, GROUPE LATTY can thus offer its clients a gasket-cutting service with a quality up to its products.

Each gasket maker-partner has the requisite production tools including cutting tables and manual or automatic presses. They have other digital, modern and efficient tools such as water jet cutting or cutter-type tables.

Our limit is our clients’ imagination.

GROUPE LATTY and its partner ADJI can meet all your requirements relative to the shape of gaskets from the simplest to the most complex, from prototype to mass production and from a drawing or a CAD file.

Depending on mechanical, chemical, thermal or sonic constraints, the choice of gasket material is paramount to ensuring perfect sealing. Available materials include graphite, PTFE, aramid, carbon, fibre, mica, elastomer, flexible rubbers, etc.

By virtue of the quality of GROUPE LATTY sheet material, the leading buyers work on a basis of trust with the gasket makers in the following sectors: food processing, chemicals, energy production, petrochemicals, aeronautics, automobile, etc.


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