Agitation reduces the time for the heat transfer to products, contributes to the reduction of process times, speeds up reactions, promotes product homogenisation, filtration, smoothing and drying.

Dimensional characteristics, motor power, pressure ranges and temperatures vary from process to process.

All the criteria and parameters mentioned above are necessary to determine the solution and position of the seal. Our experience in the solutions proposed guarantee the durability of your installations and optimisation of maintenance operations.


Industries and equipment

Agitation is a major operation in many areas such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food processing, petrochemicals, etc.

Industrial agitation equipment may be based on different designs (filters, dryers, reactors, etc.) depending on the industries, products and specifications. The equipment is made up of a drive, a bearing, one or several seals, a shaft associated to one or several propellers and a vessel.

Industries : Pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food processing, cosmetics
Equipment: industrial agitator, reactor, filter-drier, polymeriser, mixer, crusher
Medium: powder, gas, steam, toxic fluid, non-toxic fluid

Position of the sealing system depending on the agitation

In order to best determine the most appropriate seal, the positioning of the seal in the vessel will precisely help define the best-adapted seal type and technology for optimum performance. The service and environmental parameters are also accounted for in the specification.


LATTY’s industrial sealing solutions proposed

Vertical shaft for reactors, dryers or crushers
• Single cartridge or two-component seal
• Single, dry mechanical seal, with or without friction seal
• Double mechanical seal with friction seal
• Double lubricated mechanical seal


Single, dry mechanical seal, with or without friction seal

Cartridge assembly with a single gas-cooled mechanical seal. The secondary sealing is provided with friction seal combined with a coated bearing surface. Lower height requirement, large number of options possible. The assembly is simplified with less control.

Double cartridge mechanical with friction seal

Despite its restriction in linear speed <2m/s , this double cartridge mechanical runs under nitrogen flush and can be included in different process phases. Its operation is constant whatever the variations in pressure, temperature or speed.

Double cartridge mechanical seal lubricated

Double cartridge mechanical assembly up to DIN 28138 with two mechanical seals that are lubricated by a barrier fluid. This assembly incorporates LATTY’s standard range of products. It has been technically optimised in order to provide a more cost-effective solution.


LATTY’s industrial sealing solutions

Vertical shaft for dryers and mixers
• Double lubricated mechanical seal
• Stationary mechanical seal
• PECODY system

Stationary, lubricated or double cartridge mechanical seal

Cooling and lubrication will be secured in a permanent manner to guarantee the reliability and lifespan of the equipment. Options are proposed based on the industry and its specific requirements: electropolishing, polishing, reduction of retention areas. (sterile environments), installation of a sensor(ATEX), integration of geometric imperfections (axial, radial), cooling or heating flange, etc.

For intensive use, a alternative solution to a mechanical seal is possible with the implementation of the PECODY system


LATTY’s industrial sealing solutions

Vertical shaft, axial displacement of the shaft
• Double, dry or lubricated, stationary mechanical seal

Double, stationary or dynamic mechanical seal

The filter-drier performs several operations including filtration. During filtration, the shaft slides through the sleeve of the mechanical seal. Sealing between the shaft and the sleeve will be secured by scrapers and profile gaskets or hydroformed bellows.


LATTY’s industrial sealing solutions

Horizontal shaft
• Single mechanical seal cartridge
• Double lubricated mechanical seal
• Double mechanical seal with friction seal

Double lubricated mechanical seal

This mechanical seal is particularly recommended for horizontal or lateral agitation subjected to regular mechanical or thermal constraints. These indications must be taken into consideration when drafting the specification. Options such as hydroformed bellows that allow for significant deformations are recommended depending on shaft deflections as well as radial and axial motions. The double-type technology ranges LATTYseal RU, RB 10000 or RB 24810  with friction seal are recommended when the speed is < 2m/s or where there is a secondary seal.

Approvals and construction codes

Materials compliant with: FDA, EC 1935/2004, ATEX

• DIN 28138 for mechanical seals
• DIN 28154 and 28159  for shafts
• DIN 28141 for flange connections
• DIN 28136 for vessels