LATTY GROUP has undergone a large number of approval processes for its customers' equipment over the past few years.

The equipment approvals performed by GROUPE LATTY for its end-users or OEMs are carried out by its test and approval laboratory based in Brou, France. The platform, covering an area of over 500 sq. m., is able to accept large pieces of equipment from manufacturers.

Because of a relationship of trust with our clients, they have been entrusting us with their equipment in order to ensure its compliance with ISO 15848-1: control valves, on/off valves, valves in dimensions 1’’ to 10’’ and in pressure classes ranging from 150 to 2,500 lbs. To date, we have obtained over 100 test reports confirming the approvals (available on request)

Our laboratory provides more than 15 test cells equipped with precision measuring instruments: pressure: vacuum to 650 bar, temperature  from -200°C to 650°C, several helium mass spectrometers to measure leaks, 5,500 kN press for flat gasket qualification tests under extreme pressure and temperature conditions.

The work of our R&D department focuses on :

• The research of any type of seal that withstands significant pressure and temperature variations
• Reducing friction
• Reducing fugitive emissions
• Developing solutions to meet the latest applicable requirements, standards and directives
• Safety of persons and goods

Avantages :

• Approvals delivered by certified bodies
• Collaboration with sealing experts
• Energy savings resulting from the selection of sealing solutions adapted to the customer's constraints: reduced friction coefficient, eliminated corrosion, etc.
• Adapted training