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The LATTY products meet a particular requirement from the design through the test procedures to the manufacture. This is the way GROUPE LATTY has been providing its industrial customers full reliability over a century.

Innovation as the driver for over 100 years

GROUPE LATTY helps its customers to incorporate the technical innovations demanded by an increasingly competitive environment.

      • LATTYflon 5706

        Packing approval CE 1935/2004 for reciprocating pumps, homogenisers, stirrers, mixers, powder conveyors, ...

      • Packing resistant to hydrolysis and abrasion

        Ideal for abrasive media

      • Reduced friction between shaft and sleeve due to PTFE yarns

        Braided from white meta-aramid yarns impregnated throughout with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and PTFE silk yarns before braiding

LATTYcore 7189 G

Packing with graphite core, threefold impregnation using the FILCOAT process

  • Very highly resistant packing

     For slurries and harsh environments

  • Flexible packing

    Easy cutting, low heat

The French industrial seals specialist

A French manufacturer for over 100 years, GROUPE LATTY designs and manufactures all its product ranges at its plant in Brou, Eure-et-Loir, France

A comprehensive range of products...

The complete LATTY range of sealing products is designed to meet the following varied and additional needs.

A high-performance production site

Our production site is located in Brou, in Eure-et-Loir (France) Over more than 10,000 sq. m., men and women contribute to expertise that has been built up over the company’s century of existence.

... and additional services

Because the technical solutions that are best suitable for industries are often custom-designed, GROUPE LATTY places teams of specific technical consultants at their disposal.

Dedicated technical training

Industrial sealing is an issue that goes beyond the question of productivity. As well as the financial element, staff safety and environmental protection are also important considerations.

As close as possible to customers 


The French distribution network is made up of a hundred of distributors and cut gasket makers, led by teams of technicians and sales engineers who have expert knowledge of the characteristics and applications of LATTY products

... and worldwide

GROUPE LATTY's reputation goes beyond the borders of the French hexagon with subsidiaries, partners and distributors worldwide.

Quality services


Refurbishment of mechanical seals


Interventions on customer's site


Practical training  in industrial sealing