They simultaneously secure mechanical seal pressurisation, cooling and barrier fluid thermoregulation.

We offer you a comprehensive range with various options depending on the types mechanical seal assemblies in compliance with applicable standards. Lubricated mechanical seals installed on process pumps, reactors or filter-driers are the main areas of use. Our technical teams can install and maintain the equipment on your sites. The equipment is tested and validated at the factory beforehand, thus securing reliable commissioning.


• Suitable for harsh environments
• Maintains the fluid level and pressure in the barrier circuit
• Allows rapid visual check of barrier fluid level in the event of pressure loss
• Optimises maintenance time between interventions
• Increases mechanical seal life
• Ensures environmental and individual protection


• DESP 97 / 23 / CE
• Electromagnetic compatibility 2004 /108 /EC
• Electrical equipment 2006 / 95 / EC
• API plan 52 and 53 A
• Safety and construction of machinery 2006 /42 /EC
• ATEX 94 / 9 / EC


• Weight empty : 15 kg
• Pressure: 1 à 10 bar
• Temperature: de 30 à 80°C
• Intake/outlet/pressurisation connections : 1/2 gas


• Materials: 316 and 316 L
• Capacity: 5 L
• Cooling coil (secondary circuit)


• Option ATEX EExia II CT6
• Two-threshold indicator (high and low)
• Contact manometer (lower threshold)
• Contact manometer (higher threshold)
• Motor pump: Motor: 275/480 V 60Hz 0.18Kw 2720 rpm (option ATEX EExdIICT4) or pump: 200l/hr


Thermosyphon alone

• Without instruments
• With cooling coil (secondary circuit)

Lubrication kit

Combination possible without motor pump :
• Thermosyphon
• Contact thermometer
• Contact manometer
• Pressure sensor
• Two-threshold indicator
• Manual filling pump

Lubrication unit (GDL)

When installed <1.5 m from the floor or with viscous barrier fluid
• Lubrication kit with motor pump
• Adding components possible
• The whole of it is installed and tested on a connection-ready stainless steel plate

Pressure and flow (nitrogen or air) control system

System ensuring the nitrogen or air flushing at constant pressure and flow level in the barrier circuit of our mechanical seals (closed circuit) and PECODY

Gas Control Panel (GCP)

Assembly for the regulation of the air or nitrogen in the mechanical seal boxes and PECODY that are cooled by gases