Energy production

As a long-time partner with the key players in energy production, we have developed sealing solutions for NUCLEAR, THERMAL, HYDRAULIC ENERGIES, and also for renewable energies such as  SOLAR, WIND or HYDROKINETIC ENERGIES.

An Energy division has been set up comprising technicians and sales staff specifically trained in these industries and their requirements. As well as complying with the requirements and qualifications required by Électricité de France (EDF), our mechanical seals also satisfy the safety and reliability standards set by the nuclear industry. Our packings satisfy the requirements of cooling circuits that have an impact on the safety of equipment located in the reactor building.

For many years, we have been devoting part of our R&D resources to improving sealing solutions that meet the requirements of the nuclear industries in the field of industrial valves and fittings. As sealing specialists for valves and fittings, our products ensure the security of your installations and the safety of your personnel and maintenance teams.


  • • Quality, safety, reliability of the equipment
  • • Experience with many manufacturers
  • • Expertise in complex projects


  • • Project support tailored to requirements: research and recommendations
  • • Training for the project and/or maintenance teams
  • • Expertise in and repairs of mechanical seals
  • • Provision of assistance services for on-site assembly


• By virtue of a policy of constant innovation, GROUPE LATTY, via its R&D department, is able to satisfy new requirements and keep pace with changing standards and directives.



Examples of products that are dedicated to nuclear energy production


Examples of products dedicated to the production of thermal energy / combined gas cycle.



Examples of products dedicated to the production of hydraulic power