Pulp and paper industry

Environmental protection and the reduction of water consumption are priorities for the paper industry, but reducing, or even eliminating down-time is just as important. Our reliable quality products meet these expectations.

From debarking to winding, all of our ranges are in line with the technical requirements of the pulp and paper industries.

The use of quality products ensure you reliability, safety, increase in the service life of  your equipment, lower water consumption and lower maintenance costs.


  • • Range adapted to the service conditions
  • • Silicone-free packings
  • • Rotary unions or mechanical seals dedicated to the paper applications
  • • Additional peripheral equipment complete the product offer, thus providing a global solution that will meet your requirements


  • • Training to reduce intervention and maintenance time
  • • Appraisals and repairs of mechanical seals
  • • Assistance for the assembly packings or mechanical seals in rotary units


Examples of products that are dedicated to the pulp and paper industry