Oil and gas valves and fittings

Safety of persons and respect for the environment are a major concern for oil and gas industries.

For several years now, our Research & Development Department has been devoted more particularly to improving sealing efficiency in industrial valves for the oil and gas industries. New products have been designed to reduce fugitive emissions, frictions on valve stems, thus reducing the response time of actuators as well as for very specific applications such as liquid or gaseous oxygen transportation.

Dozens of manufacturers every year entrust us with their equipment to provide them with the necessary fittings and instruments for ISO 15848, API 622 approval.


  • • Solutions for all valve sealing applications: stuffing boxes, seats, flanges, bodies/bonnets
  • • Unmatched experience in industrial valves and fittings
  • • Material and product approvals


  • • Training in the sealing of valves and bolted assemblies
  • • Test laboratory for the ISO 15848 or API approval for valve manufacturers


• By virtue of a policy of constant innovation, GROUPE LATTY, via its R&D department, is able to satisfy new requirements and keep pace with changing standards and directives.

• API 622, BAM, TUV 2440, ISO 15848-1, Shell, TOTAL


Examples of products that are dedicated to the oil and gas industry