Quality policy: a testimony to our ongoing commitment


With a century’s existence behind it, GROUPE LATTY had already defined its main quality goals before this strategy was confirmed by a first ISO certification in 1993. Since then, GROUPE LATTY’s choices have enabled it to develop a quality strategy and assign to it objectives and related resources that allow all staff members to engage in a coherent dynamic. In this way, LATTY products and services continue to meet the requirements of GROUPE LATTY’s customers, whose loyalty to the brand is proof of their satisfaction.

Approval: both OEMs and end-users have full confidence in us

A partnership based on trust

By virtue of a policy of constant innovation, GROUPE LATTY, via its R&D department, is able to satisfy new requirements and keep pace with changing standards and directives.

Whether certifying its customers’ equipment or its own products trust must be ensured.


Equipment approval

The equipment approvals performed by GROUPE LATTY for its end-users or OEMs are carried out by its test and approval laboratory based in France.

The platform, covering an area of over 500 sq. m., is able to accept large pieces of equipment from manufacturers. This is where ISO 15848-1 approvals are performed. The equipment tested includes control valves and on-off valves measuring 1’’ to 10’’ in pressure classes ranging from 150 to 2,500 lbs.

Product approval, standards and directives

LATTY's products satisfy the requirements of many approvals, standards and directives.

Food processing: FDA, EC 1935/2004
Water : WRAS, KTW
Nuclear energy : PMUC, AECL
Fire test : API 607, API 589
Hygiene: EHEDG
Oxygen: Oxygen Service, ATEX, SHELL
Fugitive emissions: API 622, API 624, API 641, ISO 15848-1, TÜV VDI 2440, SHELL, Total SGM 2082.TUY