Semi-static sealing: Packings and gaskets

Every year, LATTY GROUP organises a number of multilingual training sessions. These training modules are dedicated to the selection of sealing solutions with a focus on their implementation and good practices in the assembly of equipment, a guarantee of security for your personnel and equipment reliability. Our training courses include a theoretical approach and a practical approach which allow you to discover the design and technical specificities of sealing systems. They are organised for groups of 6 participants maximum at our production site in Brou (France) or on the customer's premises.

Training objectives: Understand the different leak occurrences, establish technical specifications which allow us to recommend a sealing system, choose a sealing method according to operating conditions, acquire the good practices in seal assembly and maintenance on our instrumented benches.

Personnel concerned: Engineers, managers or R&D technicians, maintenance, new works, engineering, methods, production, etc.

Training programme:

• The different types of flanges
• Bolts and tightening
• Characteristics of a gasket
• Storage of gaskets
• Description of a packing
• The stuffing box
• Different types of industrial valves
• The other sealing components of a valve
• Calculating the friction of a valve stuffing box
• Valve-related standardisation
• Fugitive emissions
• Practical exercises on training bench