Rotary unions are used to create a tight connection between fixed piping and mobile piping.

There are many applications within the sectors of bottling, filling,  machine tools,  automobile, mining or heating and cooling systems. Based on the specific specification drafted together with the customer, innovative technical assemblies are proposed, with special economic focus on design and maintenance.

Design and manufacture

Manufactured and assembled on our production site in Brou (France), each rotary union is unique due to its design and production. Even when manufactured in series, factory acceptance tests are carried out in compliance with specific procedures and with our ISO 9001 qualification.

Endurance tests are carried out on each rotary union in order to validate the design and materials. As a result, we can steadily improve our products and commit ourselves to guaranteeing compliance with the requirements of equipment manufacturers. These tests ensure our customers the supply of rotary unions will be up to their expectations

• Conveys one or several fluid circuits simultaneously from fixed piping to mobile piping.
• Withstands a wide range of working pressures/temperatures/speeds
• Takes into account the different output values with the definition of the chambers via calculations
• Reduces friction torques (friction seals)
• Used when a heating system is available at the shaft end or for through shafts (filters, dryers, etc.)
• Seal tests on test benches to guarantee our customers the validity of the products prior to delivery (as the case may be)

Industries and equipment

The transfer of fluid from fixed piping to mobile piping is a major operation in many areas such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food processing, petrochemicals, etc.

Agitation equipment may be based on different designs (filters, dryers, reactors, etc.) depending on the industries, products and specifications. The equipment is made up of a drive, a bearing, one or several seals, a shaft associated to one or several propellers and a vessel.

Industries: Pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food processing, weapons
Equipment: fluid-filling machine, machine-tool, radar, special machinery
Media: powder, gas, steam, all types of liquid media

Services and assistance

Our specialists provide support throughout your project.

We provide support throughout your project, from assessment of the equipment to be replaced or designed through to recommendation of improvement actions,  dimensional and geometrical statements for the equipment to be fitted with seals, right up to our presence on start-up of equipment. Our service and repair centres de services, our on-site technical assistance complement our expert mission.

• Repair and reconditioning of rotary unions
• On large series, standard exchange programme possible
• Training of personnel on product maintenance
• Works on customer's site: maintenance, assembly, disassembly

Approvals and construction codes (on request)

• Materials compliant with: FDA, EC 1935/2004
• DIN 28138 for mechanical seals
• DIN 28154 and 28159 for shafts
• DIN 28137 for flange connections
• DIN 28136 for vessels


Friction seal technologies are used for gas applications (nitrogen dioxide, air, steam, helium, etc.) or clear liquids (solvents, oil, detergents, nitrogen, etc.) and/or associated with slow speed.


Mechanical seal technologies are used for slurries (chocolate, cream, ice, fuel oil, etc.) and/or associated with high speed.