A well-trained employee is both more competent and more efficient!


With 100 years of experience in the industrial sealing sector, the GROUPE LATTY offers you various training courses run by its multilingual experts. These training courses are dedicated to the choice of sealing solutions and are geared towards implementation and good assembly practices, guaranteeing safety for your personnel and reliability for your equipment.

Industrial sealing is a challenge that goes beyond the question of productivity. In addition to the financial aspect, there is the safety of personnel and the preservation of the environment. In order to meet this responsibility, companies trust the GROUPE LATTY to train them in good practices for the assembly and maintenance of equipment.

Topics of these training courses: Rotating machines, Industrial valves and bolted assemblies.

Objectives :

• Understand the different leakage phenomena.
• Establish a specification, allowing the recommendation of a sealing system.
• Select a sealing system according to the service conditions.
• To acquire good practices for the installation and maintenance of a seal on our instrumented benches.

Contents :

Our training courses include a theoretical part and a practical part, allowing you to discover the design and technical specificities of sealing systems. Our courses are also given in English.

Duration and location :

We recommend 3 days for all 3 courses, however each course can be given individually over one day. The training courses are carried out on our production site in BROU (28) or on customer sites.

Personnel involved :

Our training courses are carried out in groups of 6 people maximum :

• Design office.
• Maintenance.
• New works.
• Methods.
• Engineering.
• Production.