Shipbuilding industry

Having a breakdown out at sea can be tricky.

We have therefore developed a range of mechanical seals specifically for the marine industry and its constraints such as a mechanical seal that can be disassembled out at sea whilst providing sealing efficiency between salt water and the ship by means of a static inflatable seal.


  • • Bulkhead mechanical seal (GPC)
  • • Mechanical seal or stuffing box packing for shaft line end
  • • Mechanical seal for on-board pump
  • • Range of multi-purpose gaskets, all fluid networks.


  • • Repair cutting gaskets
  • • Specific tools
  • • Training


  • • By virtue of a policy of constant innovation, GROUPE LATTY, via its R&D department, is able to satisfy new requirements and keep pace with changing standards and directives
  • • WRAS

Examples of products that are dedicated to the shipbuilding industry