Food-processing industry

All our sealing solutions are specifically designed to meet the constraints and technical requirements of the food-processing industry.

Sealing is one of the major concerns of maintenance departments. In response, GROUPE LATTY provides you with a range of products dedicated to process pumps. Our specialists are able to make recommendations in the areas of mechanical seals, dynamic seals or boxes for your agitators, pumps, mixers, etc.

The use of quality products ensures the security and a longer service life of your equipment (valves, fittings, homogenisers, pumps, etc.) as well as reduced water consumption and lower maintenance costs. From aramid fibre to PTFE to graphite gaskets that withstand high pressures and temperatures, GROUPE LATTY’s comprehensive product range provides you with optimum operational quality and the sustainability of all your static sealing solutions.


  • • Adapted to such equipment as pumps, valves, agitators, cookers, bottling, filling, etc.
  • • Sealing systems dedicated to cartridge boxes or rotary unions
  • • Automatic clean-in- place (CIP) and sterilisation in place (SIP) processes
  • • Approved products


  • • On site repair of or intervention on the customer's equipment
  • • Design solutions to meet the requirements of the customer's process
  • • Practical training in rotary machinery on training benches
  • • Range of process mechanical seals


• By virtue of a policy of constant innovation, GROUPE LATTY, via its R&D department, is able to satisfy new requirements and keep pace with changing standards and directives..

• FDA, EC 1935-2004, EHEDG, 3A, WRAS


Examples of products that are dedicated to the food-processing industry