Take a behind-the-scenes look at our production site in Brou (28), France, with this immersive tour!
GROUPE LATTY management team introduces you to the production site where braids and seals, as well as mechanical seals, are manufactured.

An immersive visit to the heart of braid, mechanical seal and static seal manufacturing.

Join us on this immersive journey where you can :

  • Explore our manufacturing processes
  • Discover the know-how used to manufacture each product,
  • Immerse yourself in our research, testing and development laboratories,
  • Find out more with interviews with our Chairman and specialists.

From reception to warehousing, design offices, R&D resources and quality. Follow your inspiration and get to know our teams at 360 degrees.

Interview with Christian-Xavier LATTY, Chairman of GROUPE LATTY

introduces you to the company's core values of quality, technical expertise, innovation, commitment and customer support.

Pierre JARROUSSE - Managing Director

presents the GROUPE LATTY production site, which groups together all activities, from design to marketing. The GROUPE LATTY is committed to a dual CSR approach. Firstly, it offers its customers solutions to reduce water, energy and pollution. And internally, with a policy of reducing energy consumption and waste.

Stéphane HUARD - Development Director

presents the missions to support innovation within GROUPE LATTY. The company's main strength is to have everything on the same site: R&D, the design office, project engineers, production for prototyping, and test benches for testing.

Julien GUY - Workshops and Maintenance Manager

presents the Mechanical Seals and Rotary Unions manufacturing department, with its two main activities: the manufacture of rotary unions and mechanical seals for all types of industry.

Sébastien YVON - Braids & Rings Manufacturing Manager

presents the GROUPE LATTY's historic braid, die-forged ring and flange gasket production sectors.

The know-how of the GROUPE LATTY brings several benefits to its customers: the guarantee of the best possible sealing. The long service life of our products, the protection of their equipment, the reduction of maintenance costs and energy consumption.

Sébastien YVON – Responsable fabrication Tresses & Bague

présente les secteurs de production des tresses, produit historique du Groupe Latty, des bagues matricées, et des joints de brides.

Le savoir-faire du GROUPE LATTY apporte plusieurs bénéfices à ses clients : la garantie de la meilleure étanchéité possible. La grande durée de vie de nos produits, la protection de leur équipement, la réduction des coûts de maintenance et de consommation d’énergie.