LATTYmultirating Design : An innovating solution to
reduce your stocks!

Our new LATTYmultirating gasket format is a significant advance in the flange gasket field, allowing them to be adapted to different pressure classes.

This ingenious approach gives our clients the possibility of managing several flange classes with a single gasket reference, thereby considerably reducing incorrect gasket selection risks. This LATTYmultirating gasket design can be produced in all the qualities and thicknesses of flat gaskets proposed by LATTY. By choosing this new design which is adaptable to the ASME B16.5 and NF EN 1092-1 standards, our customers simultaneously simplify their stock management and reduce stock volume. This innovation demonstrates our commitment to providing practical and effective solutions.

USE CASES - As per the ASME B16.5 standard

Thanks to this new LATTYmultirating gasket format, a single gasket reference perfectly fits all 4 pressure classes!

There are many pressure classes for a given nominal diameter (DN) of a flange, corresponding to different external diameters
(with different bore diameters and different screws). For the same flange DN, 4 gaskets with different external diameters must be cut: 4 external gasket diameters corresponding to 4 drilling diameters combined with the screw positions.