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  • LATTYflon 3206 S

    PTFE Packings for static application

  • LATTYflon 3206 SO

    PTFE packings oxygen compatibility

  • LATTY- E 48Z11 LY 1700

    Elastomer seal based on epdm qualified for irradiations up to 1700 kgy

  • LATTYcarb 96

    A carbon sheet and gasket supple and easy to cut for static seal applications

  • LATTYflon Multiseal

    Universal continuous self-adhesive flat gasket PTFE material for static seal applications

  • LATTYgold 92

    Aramide sheet efficient, reliable, multipurpose for static seal or flat seal applications

  • LATTYgold 32R

    Calendered gasket of synthetic fibres with anti-adhesive treatment on both faces for static seal applications.

  • LATTYflon 95

    PTFE ptfe gaskets sheet, excellent resistance in aggressive environments for static seal applications

  • LATTYflon 94 L

    PTFE modified gasket sheet for static sealing applications

  • LATTYgraf EFA NG

    Sheet with pure performance graphite (99.5%) for static seal applications

  • LATTYgraf HPML

    Graphite multi-layer high pressure seal.

  • LATTYgraf E2

    Expanded graphite sheet and gasket for static seal applications

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