Interventions carried out by sealing specialists

In the case of on-site interventions, we will accompany you in the assessment of the equipment with a replacement recommendation if necessary, the maintenance (both preventive and curative), the training during the installation phase, service contracts and project monitoring.

Global maintenance

Our qualified technical team ensures and checks the quality of the equipment and sealing assemblies. It is present and helps during starting-up operations and documents the measures and actions to be implemented to optimise operation and reduce intervention time.

Our maintenances contracts associated or not with the supply of mechanical seals include, depending on the customers' requests, the following services:

• Assessment and diagnosis: increasing the reliability and optimising the equipment
• Inventory of equipment and installed seals
• Priority technical assistance within 48 hours
• Standardisation of mechanical seals and ancillary systems
• Training customer's technicians to ensure in-house rapid repairs
• ATEX directive: possible compliance, conversion and/or maintenance of original equipment

Nos évaluations, expertises, installations et révisions s'appliquent sur tous les matériels et machines tournantes : pompes, réacteurs, agitateurs, filtres, turbines, broyeurs, extrudeuses, raccords tournants, mélangeurs, malaxeurs, ect.

Nos solutions d'étanchéité sont présentes dans toutes les industries, au travers de produits répondant aux homologations ou normes relatives aux équipements en fonctionnement : AECL, FDA, CE 1935/2004, EHEDG, ACS...