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  • LATTYflon 5706

    Aramid /PTFE packing, used in reciprocating pump glands in the food industry.

  • LATTYcore 3207 G

    Packing with graphite core for aggressive environments in dynamic sealing applications

  • LATTYcore 4758 G

    Packing with graphite core for reciprocating machines and rotary applications using aggressive fluids

  • LATTYcore 4788 G

    Packing with graphite core, very high mechanical performance.

  • LATTYcore 5790 G

    Packing with graphite core, white packing dedicated to food applications, mechanically resistant.

  • LATTYcore 7189 G

    Packing with graphite core, for slurries and very difficult environments.

  • LATTYflon 4488

    Aramid/carbon packing, with very good heat dissipation for all rotating and reciprocating machinery applications.

  • LATTYflon 4757

    Packings for reciprocating, rotary and static applications

  • LATTYflon 4758

    Performance for Reciprocating Applications

  • LATTYtex 4777

    A Cost-effective Packing for General Maintenance Use

  • LATTYflon 4788

    Aramid packings

  • LATTYflon 4789

    The Cost-effective Aramid Packing

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