For many years, LATTY has been dedicating part of its R&D resources to improving sealing solutions that meet the requirements of the valve and fitting industries supplying the oil and gas sector through:

• The improved reliability of sealing solutions, which guarantee a better environment and a reduction of oil and gas leaks
• Products that comply with fugitive emission standards
• Increased safety of personnel (unit operators and maintenance personnel) resulting from reduced hazardous emissions
• Easier maintenance resulting from the use of preformed rings and of packings
• Reduced maintenance costs and production downtime resulting from the rationalisation of sealing solutions
• Development of packings for stuffing boxes, consisting of compressed rings and anti-extrusion rings which provide outstanding sealing efficiency under low clamping force, a very low friction coefficient and very good elastic recovery


Over 100 valves in dimensions 1’’ to 10’’ and pressure classes 150 to 2500 lbs have been approved up to ISO 15848-1 (helium test) or API 622, 624 and 641 (methane test)


Cryogenic tests up to  -196°C are performed on our test benches for ISO 15848-1 approvals. There are numerous applications, in particular in the area of liquefied natural gas (LNG)


The use of  Oxygen Service-approved products is required in order to make the equipment used on potentially hazardous circuits safe in the event of autoignition or mechanical and thermal shocks.


    589, 622, 624, 641  15848-1 CLEAN AIR ACT  VDI 2440  OXYGEN SERVICE


Some examples of our products...