Braided packings

French manufacturer for over 100 years, we have been recognized, since our creation, for the quality and performance of our ranges of sealing braids. Composed of more than 70 types of impregnation and 120 different varieties of wires (Aramid, PTFE, graphite, carbon, etc.), our sealing braids are intended to be used in cable glands for pumps, valves, agitators , mixers, ...





  • LATTYgraf T

    The reference packing for extreme conditions : Pressure – Speed – Temperature – pH for dynamic sealing solutions

  • LATTYgraf TSP

    Carbon packings with high elasticity and low friction for dynamic sealing solutions

  • LATTYgraf 6745 NG

    the new generation of carbon braid packings with reduced friction for pumps and valves.